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Experience You Can TRUST

"Excellent" reviews from our satisfied dental patients


philadelphia dentist with excellent reviews
Dr. Eidelson, Melissa, Heather and the rest of the crew are the best. The humor, friendliness, proffesionalism and care are the qualities that make them number one in my book. This team is a "FAMILY"

* Pros: beautiful office, great staff, flexible times

reviews from our satisfied dental patients

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philadelphia dentist with excellent reviews

I had such a fear of dentist. I'm glad I found Dr. Eidelson. I highly recommend this office to anyone with a fear of dentist, or someone that is looking for a new place. Dr. Eidelson and his staff are great; they all make you feel right at home. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

"Great Staff" reviews from our satisfied dental patients

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philadelphia dentist with excellent reviews

Coming in to see Dr. Eidelson, you're greeted by great staff. The office is beautiful and by far the most unique office I've been too. Dr. Eidelson seems to take his time and sees each patient individually. I constantly receive compliments on my smile.
* Pros: location, staff, office hours

"Highly Impressed" reviews from our satisfied dental patients

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philadelphia dentist with excellent reviews

I went in on to see the dentist on an emergency visit. They were able to see me within an hour of my calling. I was highly impressed and satisfied with the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. I've already referred my family.

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dental Gum Disease & Periodontal dentistry

Gum disease, Gingivitis & Periodontis

All big words to describe your gums which structure and support your teeth. Periodontics refers to the treatment and maintenance of your gums.


What is Gingivitis ?

Gingivitis is an early form of periodontitis, or gum disease. Left untreated, gingivitis can escalate into periodontitis (see below).


What are the signs of Gingivitis ?

  • occasional swelling of the gums

  • gums that bleed after brushing or flossing

  • itchy gums

  • bright red or purple gums


How is gingivitis treated ?

Gingivitis can be treated by having your teeth professionally cleaned and then followed by a strict oral hygiene regimen, including anti-bacterial rinses.


What is Periodontitis ?

Periodontitis is gum disease. Aside from gingivitis, there are other factors that can contribute to the periodontitis, including: smoking, genetic tendencies, and unchecked diabetes.


What are the signs of Periodontitis ?

  • symptoms include those of gingivitis (above)

  • metallic taste in the mouth

  • receding gums

  • enlarged spaces between the gums and teeth

  • severe halitosis (bad breath)

  • loose teeth (from loss of bone)

How is periodontitis treated ?

To rid your mouth of periodontitis, we remove the buildup of bacterial plaque through scraping or sonic vibration. Alternatively, small pads treated with antibiotic solutions can be placed between the teeth and gums, which also help to reduce plaque and combat the disease.

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